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39300 Civic Center Drive, Suite 110,
Fremont, CA 94538
Phone :- 510-413-7046
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Tell us what you need:
  BASIC BOOKKEEPING - $300 per month
Stay Current: Weekly bank and credit card transaction categorization
Stay Accurate: Full bank and credit card reconciliations each month
Stay Informed: Delivery of financial statements by guaranteed day each month
  BILL PAY - $300 per month
Track What's Owed: Bills entered, categorized, and synced with accounting system
Stay In Control: Online approval process to ensure only verified bills are paid
Never Sign Another Check: Checks (and electronic payments) delivered without you stuffing an envelope or signing a check
  PAYROLL - $300 per month
Never Miss A Payroll: Payroll processing performed for you, regardless of your payroll system
Stay In Sync: Payroll transactions recorded accurately in your accounting system
  INVOICING - $300 per month
Delivered To Customers: Scheduled invoice creation and delivery to your clients
Payment Follow Up: Regular statements delivered to clients and past due accounts communicated to you
Customized Entries: Need customized transactions for your company like Stripe/Paypal fees classification or revenue recognition? Let us know and we can help.