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Entity Formation


Forming a business entity is an important early step in any business venture and choosing the right type of entity is crucial. While filing the right documents is important, it is only one of many actions that must be taken to properly form a business. Entity formation forms the foundation of a business and there are many steps necessary to do it right. A well-formed entity will provide liability protection for the principals and appropriate structure for growth. The importance of these issues cannot be understated.

At Ingenious CFO, we will help you choose the right type of entity. Is it limited liability company (LLC), partnership, corporation, or another form of entity? If it is a corporation, is it an s-corporation or a c-corporation? We’ll help you chose the right business and get off on the right foot! What business documents do you need? We have experience preparing all the business documents for your new entity and will make sure your company is complete and that you are protected! As your business grows and develops, Ingenious CFO will be ready to assist with every step along the way.