Ingenious CFO,
39300 Civic Center Drive, Suite 110,
Fremont, CA 94538
Phone :- 510-413-7046
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INGENIOUS CFO is a professional services firm that provides broad financial expertise and guidance to companies seeking a solid foundation for growth.

Founded in 2004, today INGENIOUS CFO has a dedicated, experienced team of professionals serving clients across a variety of industries and at different stages of growth. Using a unique blend of strategic accounting leadership and scalable financial processes, we help guide companies in the Atlanta entrepreneurial community along the path to business success.

INGENIOUS CFO is differentiated by a deep understanding of the business life cycle. We understand that businesses take on different characteristics at various stages of growth, and that financial needs change as the business matures. Our mission is to equip companies with the foresight to anticipate their financial future, and to help establish the processes, systems and controls required for sustainable growth.

The INGENIOUS CFO team is made up of dedicated financial professionals, rather than a group of independents working under a shared umbrella. Our people become an extension of our clients' team, working as a part of the financial organization to provide the best solutions possible for business success. Above all, we take pride in our high level of service, and enjoy developing deep relationships with our clients.

Simply stated, we are entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs.